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Anti-Aging Vitality Multi-Vitamin S.L.I.M.

Enhance energy, stamina and endurance while supporting a strong healthy sexual desire, libido, and performance. This product could very realistically change your life!

Enhance Energy, Stamina and Endurance.
Support Sexual Desire Libido and Performance
Help Body Resist Stress.
Elevate Mood
Help Balance Hormones
Support Mental Clarity and Memory
SIBERIAN GINSENG One of the most popular energizing tonics in traditional Chinese medicine, Siberian Ginseng is often called the king of adaptagens. Studies have shown considerable promise for increasing longevity, coping with stress, promoting improved cognitive performance, memory retention and alertness.
RHODIOLA ROSEA Widely used by Russian athletes and cosmonauts to increase energy and endurance, Rhodiola Rosea has extraordinary pharmacological properties that elevate its standing as one of the most powerful adaptogens. Studies have shown that Rhodiola helps improve mood levels, fights fatigue, improves endurance, enhances mental and physical performance and helps your body perform at its peak.
SCHIZANDRA CHINENSIS Referred to as the "the premier botanical" of the Chinese Imperial family, Schizandra has been prized for its use for both inner vitality and outer beauty. Schizandra is also considered an adaptogen and, similar to ginseng, it is believed to increase stamina and fight against fatigue and stress. The schizandra herb is highly prized by Chinese women as a sexual enhancer and youth tonic and is reputed to increase sexual stamina among men.
GOTU KOLA Called one of the "miracle elixirs of life", Gotu Kola has been used as a medicinal herb for thousands of years in India, China, and Indonesia and is used extensively to increase energy and vitality. Recent studies confirm some of the traditional uses and also suggest possible new applications for Gotu Kola such as boosting memory and intelligence, easing anxiety, and speeding wound healing.
MACA Maca is an ancient superfood that was consumed by Incan Warriors to increase strength, endurance and libido. Considered by top researchers to be a true adaptogen, Maca is a rich source of natural vital nutrients. Maca is a natural hormonal balancer and popular as a sexual libido enhancer for both men and women.
YOHIMBE Native to western Africa, Yohimbe has a long history of human use to increase stamina, as a mood brightener and has traditionally been used in Africa as an aphrodisiac (to increase sexual desire). In addition to Yohimbe's reputation for increasing libido, Yohimbe may also play a role in helping to treat or prevent exhaustion and mild depression.
DAMIANA Recommended by many top herbalists, Damiana is used primarily as an energy tonic and an aphrodisiac. Damiana leaves have been traditionally used in southwestern cultures to boost sexual potency by the native peoples of Mexico, including the Mayan Indians, and is used for both male and female sexual stimulation. Damiana has also been shown to have antidepressant and anti-anxiety effects as well, particularly when sexual dysfunction is a symptom of such emotional imbalances.
HORNY GOAT WEED Horny goat weed herb is one of the most valued tonics of Chinese herbalism. In China it is especially used for supporting healthy sexual activity. Studies have shown this potent herb to increase vitality, particularly the libido and sexual vitality in addition to many other broader overall health benefits for both men and women.
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