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Immediately upon placing your first product order, your position is activated and begins to accumulate Business Volume (BV) based on the customers and distributors placed in your team and their purchases.

To qualify to earn weekly dual team bonuses, all you must do is personally order at least 25BV per month ( or purchase one of our AMAZING and HIGHLY valued "Value Packs" to wave up to 9 MONTHS of personal monthly BV requirement and become FULLY qualified as a Star Platinum or Diamond for up to 6 months ) & have at least 75BV in personally enrolled volume in each of your two legs. This volume must be maintained each month to stay qualified to earn weekly commissions.

Each time you accumulate 250BV on your weak leg and 500BV on your strong leg, you earn a $25 cycle bonus!And remember, once people try AliveMax products, most continue purchasing them for months and months! This means each month that they make a purchase, YOU earn again!

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